Torpedos come in weights ranging from 10-22.5 kg. Choose a weight based on your fitness level and goals. If you’re completely unsure of what to weight to purchase and can get your hands on a traditional dumbbell, the ability to press the weight up overhead with one hand using only your shoulder is a great way to gauge what weight range you will fall into. Remember that you’ll be getting stronger as you train with us, so leave yourself some room to grow!


Male: 10 - 12kg

Female: 10kg

I am entirely new to exercise and have little to no experience with movements like swings, presses, and squats. I would consider myself out of shape/overweight and am looking to make a big life change.


Male: 15 - 20kg 

Female: 12 - 15kg

I am not new to exercise but would not consider myself an expert at swings, presses, and squats. Carrying grocery bags or helping a friend move is no big deal for me. I would consider myself in decent shape and healthy.


Male: 20 - 22kg

Female: 15 - 20kg

I currently exercise regularly. I have a background in sports or fitness and am comfortable with high intensity exercise and movements such as swings, presses, and squats. I would consider myself to be in good shape and fit.


Male: 12 - 15kg 

Female: 10 - 12kg

I am ready to create consistent habits with exercise. I have pre-existing injuries and/or health issues. I’m training with Alchemy to feel alive and make progress.