Feb 18, 21

We keep getting asked this very similar question from many of my amazing athletes voicing a bit of concern while they’re kept away from their beloved barbells.

The Good News

Well, my fit friends, I have some very encouraging and enlightening news for you. Speaking in terms of ‘muscular strength’ – which is our ability to exert force against a given object in a single effort – several studies point out that we won’t lose much if any strength (in the concentric/eccentric portions) over a short period of time. As a matter of fact, these same studies actually show you aren’t going to lose any of your gains if you quit EVERYTHING, that’s all-physical activity, over the course of THREE weeks. We won’t bore you with the full nerdy details, but losing your progress isn’t something that happens quickly!

How Torpedo Will Work For You

Luckily, Torpedo EU with Alchemy Anywhere have got your back. We can’t force the doors of gyms open during lockdowns, but we cannot allow this pandemic to turn you into a couch potato either. Instead, you’re tackling this ordeal head-on with a game plan. Get your Torpedo, subscribe to Alchemy Anywhere (first month is on us) and let’s keep our fitness journey going. Based on your goals and what you have available to you, you can choose from bodyweight workouts, Flow sessions and even really challenging strength workouts.

To that end, we have the ability to still focus and work on strength-specific wants, as well as continuing to work our metabolic conditioning (cardiovascular conditioning) — even without a lot of equipment. One of the best things about having a smart, science-backed approach towards fitness programming, staff of committed, professional coaches with a team that truly cares about you via our App, is that we’re going to push forever forward whatever the odds may be.

Here are two ways to work on toning and building strength:

Option one. Time under tension: focus on perfect quality reps at lighter weights being done at a tempo; time under tension is key to your success. It may get really uncomfortable, but a tempo down of 5 seconds will trigger significantly more physiological adaptation than simply flying through the work as directed. Be deliberate in your movement for maximum return from your workout. We use this method a lot in the Alchemy strength sessions and classes.
Another option is to increase load: we can lower the rep count on exercises while going heavier than we might normally. The Torpedo is perfect for this. Switching from two handed movements to one handed, you can ramp up the weight. Strength is heavily tied to the ability to move weight on an absolute scale. By going heavier, we can focus less on muscular endurance (the ability to move a set many more times) and much more on increasing your top-end strength.

We love both options and use them to great effect!

So, download the Alchemy Anywhere app, get your Torpedo ready and lets work on our strength and conditioning goals from home!

Coach, Gym owner and Torpedo fanatic!